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Reopening Safely

On Saturday 25th July we’ll be reopening Primal. I am extremely confident the measures we’ve put in place will  a) ensure that the facility is COVID secure ​and  ​b) allow you to have a great Primal experience. I’ll go out on a limb and say we’re probably the most well prepared gym in Newcastle The entire team […]

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Sleep to lose weight

Sleep is THE MOST underrated tool when it comes to weight loss and fat loss in particular. Apart from being free it has a multitude of benefits ranging fromstress reduction to improved detoxification. Studies have shown that there is a positive correlation in groups of people who get less sleep and groups with high BMI […]

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Why we love MyZone

MYZONE has taken the fitness world by storm with its innovative wearable heart rate technology that monitors your physical activity.   It easily and conveniently monitors your heart rate, calories and time exercising that converts into MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), this puts a larger focus on rewarding users effort rather than fitness. The MYZONE heart […]

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Why am I not making progress?

One of the most common things we hear is, “why am I not losing weight? I eat well all week’.   This is a question that has many variables, however, once we start to dissect these variables, we begin to understand why.   CALORIES AND ENERGY BALANCE   Calories are the most important factor in […]

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