July 16

Does your body look like your bank account?

A lot of people ask me, how do I stay in reasonable shape all year round.

I have started to use this analogy

Your body is like your bank account

Every time you:

>>> Workout

>>> Eat a whole food meal that follows your guidelines

>>> Drink your recommended water for the day

>>> Get a good night sleep

>>> Take your supplements


You credit your bank account


Every time you:

>>> Skip a workout

>>> Eat some processed / junk food

>>> Drink alcohol

>>> Smoke a cigarette

>>> Take some drugs (recreational or pharmaceutical)

>>> Drink too much tea/ coffee

>>> Got to bed late


You make a withdrawal from your bank account


Too many withdrawals = zero credit


>>> Knowledge Bomb <<<


If you want to transform your body


Your bank (body) needs to be in credit


Most of you know I am a big fan of the 80/20 rule

(Ie. If you follow your plan 80% of the time, you can go off plan for the remaining 20%)

That roughly equates to 80% credit in your bank account every week / month

It also means you can get in great shape but still have a life at the same time!

That why I can have a few beers at the weekend or a nice Sunday roast without feeling guilty


When do you need to be a little more strict?

For someone who is overweight and out of shape, or hasn’t exercised for a long time

Their bank account is in its overdraft, so to get back into credit you need to make sure you have way more credits than withdrawals

This may take 4-6 weeks in some cases, sometimes even longer

Due to bad lifestyle or diet habits


So my advice to someone who is out of shape compared to someone who is in better shape will be different due to the state of their bank balance!

Because at the end of the day everyone is different so the advice you need to get your bank account (aka body) in a better position will differ from others




If you need some advice on how to get your bank account back into the red

Book in for a Free Exploration call with me below




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