August 17

Great North Run: one month to go

The Great North Run is now just one month away and it’s estimated that 57,000 people will be taking part this year.

For runners, this final month is crucial so here is a short post I wrote for the ITV News website last week

Before the day

> Preparation is key. You know you’re running the race so make sure you are training and eating right.
Train to your ability – if you have never done a long-distance run before DON’T PANIC, gradually build up your runs and try to do around two to three runs a week in the lead up to the race.

> Eat right. A lot of people tend to get diets wrong and ditch carbohydrates, but you should eat a balanced diet with lots of fruit, vegetables and protein to help your body recover.

> Make sure you’re wearing the right shoes. Wearing the wrong shoes could cause injury so go into a sports shop to get fitted.

> If you’ve had an injury, make sure you get the all clear from a physiotherapist before taking on the run.

On the day

> Have a good breakfast. It’s best to have something traditional like porridge, but if you can’t stomach anything try to have some fruit.

> Don’t try to be a hero. Push yourself within your ability – you’re not going to beat Mo Farah and there are no prizes for getting to the end and collapsing.

> Keep hydrated and it’s ok to take a break if you need one.

After the race

> STRETCH – make sure you warm up and down correctly to avoid injury.

> Resist temptation to go straight to the pub after you’ve finished. Eat something first!

> Booking a sports massage afterwards may be a good way to loosen those muscles so you won’t be so stiff.

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