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AnnaF - 38, mum of 3 kids with a full time job

I started the Primal Fat Loss Formula almost four months ago, in that time my confidence has gone up tenfold and my dress size down two sizes!

I am a ridiculously busy lady with three children, a husband that does nightshift’s a crazy dog and a mad job. My sleep patterns were appalling and before I started at Primal Fitness my diet and exercise plan were non- existent.

I tried all sorts of different things before to lose weight, yoyo diets and other types of gym classes, I used to feel out of control and frustrated over how I had let myself get in such a shape.

I was very self conscious about my tummy, even around my husband…. but now I have a waist and I have worn sleeveless dresses for the first time in ten years!!!

The style of training at Primal is tough but it works quickly and doesn’t require hours of laborious gym work or monotonous jogging. The training is hugely varied so I never get bored.

The nutrition guides are very easy to follow and allow plenty of variety, so I never got bored of eating the same things, the recipe book also allows me to cook plenty of healthy meals that all of my family can enjoy as I have struggled in the past by having to prepare separate meals for me and the family.

The Primal Fat Loss Formula is not easy but it is worth every ounce of effort because it works, my only problem is that I keep shopping for new clothes!

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