November 20

what I really got up to in Thailand…

So I’m back from my amazing trip to Thailand

The journey of self development

And self exploration

And I wanted to share with you some of my experiences and also some of the things that I have learned

I travelled to the island of Phuket in Thailand a few weeks ago, to take part in the 10 day Guru Project run by a genius of a man called Dax Moy.

I’ve invested around £10,000 this year alone to learn from him, so I know he is legit and his stuff works

2015-11-03 17.47.49

I was really nervous before I went

I didn’t tell many people what I was actually doing

Mainly because I was afraid of their reaction

I didn’t want them to judge me

I was afraid that they would think I was just off to Thailand on a jolly

Leaving my gym and my clients while I was off to lie on a Thai beach for 2 weeks

When actually it couldn’t be further from the truth

On the morning I was due to leave, I didn’t want to go

I didn’t want to leave Mel on her own for 2 weeks with the baby due soon

I didn’t really want to leave the gym for that long either

*** But that was only natural to feel a bit of resistance, I always think it’s a good sign that your brain knows deep down you are doing the right thing ***


Why Thailand?

Well I asked myself that a number of times in the build up

Why couldn’t it be somewhere closer to home…

It’s so far away, why couldn’t it be in Spain or somewhere closer

But when I arrived at the luxury guru villa, I totally got it

When I saw the villa and the beautiful beach I realised pretty quickly why Dax chooses Thailand to host his courses.

Another major reason why I got it

Was when I realised we were 7 hours ahead of UK time

Meaning that most of our working hours back home were during the night over in Thailand

We were working while everyone was sleeping in the UK, making it a lot harder for people to get hold of us and vice versa

ideal when you are working on deep exercises that take you a lot of time and thought to get done away from the distractions of whats going on back home

I felt really nervous when I arrived

Was I going to be the only guy like me in the group?

Was everyone else going to be more successful and have bigger businesses than me?

Was everyone going to be in amazing shape?

Were they going to get my slightly weird and immature sense of humour?

Pretty soon I realised that I was surrounded by 10 other people and all of them were just like me.

Sure we were from different parts of the country, and had different types of businesses but we all shared one common goal.

We weren’t happy with our current situation and we had come to guru to sort our heads out, get some clarity, some purpose and regain a passion and a focus for what we do.

Our mentor, Dax, is a total genius, I felt so lucky to have him coaching us for 10 days.

He taught us so much

How to look into our deepest fears

To see what had been holding us back in the past

Here’s some of what I learned


One of my biggest fears is being rejected

So in the past that has held me back from putting out various bits of content like videos through fear of what people will think

Will they approve of my message?

Will they reject my message?

Will they reject me?

I also have a huge fear of being alone

So when anything happens to threaten me or my tribe, I freak out and get really stressed

And the craziest part of all is that I am afraid of rejection so I use all of my energy trying to please and serve other people so that they wont reject me, but in the process I ignore and neglect those people closest to me like my family and friends


Now I kind of knew some of this deep down

But because I had never had the opportunity to really dig as deep into my fears then I hadn’t found the answers I was looking for

Day to day life, never allows us the time to self reflect half as much as we should

I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to this

Rushing around from place to place, client to client and never really having a moment to think sometimes


We also spent a great deal of time looking at our core values

And the values that truly define us a person

This was a really interesting exercise

As all of the group had different values but you could see how each person truly related to their own values and beliefs

Mine are


These 3 values are my moral compass

They are the values I aspire to have on a daily basis

And whenever I am in turmoil I use the values to guide me back to the path I should be taking

Could I have been more confident in that situation?

Did I show enough conviction in the point I was trying to get across?

Am I showing courage and inspiring others to be courageous too?

Powerful stuff right?!

Now you have probably heard of this exercise before

It is pretty common in self development circles

And I had also heard of it before

But had ever applied it? Nope

And this was a real game changer for me

2015-11-08 18.00.45

The power of the group was amazing

So supportive, encouraging and never judge-mental

They helped me get so much more clarity, just through talking about my particular situation it was crazy.

We had such a good laugh too

guru 1

Since my first visit 15 years ago it had always been a special place to me but

I fell in love with Thailand all over again

The sunsets

2015-11-12 18.04.08

The beaches

guru 3

The people

2015-11-11 11.28.46

Oh and of course the food

guru 2

We drank fresh coconut water and ate pineapple and mango every day = amazing 🙂

It was so good, but so healthy too, we all lost weight, i lost a few pounds just because the food was so good and in fact a couple of the guys lost over half a stone and they weren’t even being careful about what they were eating at all!

The guru project helped me to think outside of the limiting beliefs I had placed around myself and my business

And it has inspired me to think so much bigger

To create some incredible new coaching packages that I can’t wait to share with the world

Inspired me to create a health retreat in Thailand that I am going to run next year

My very own “Reach YOUR Peak” Thailand 7 Day Health Retreat,

to help people just like you overcome all of your struggles and allow you to experience the kind of personal growth and self development that I have just had as part of the guru project, as well as living in an uber healthy environment for 7 days, letting your body de-stress, re-charge and invigorate.

But most of all it has inspired me to be a better husband, better son, better brother and better friend to all of those people who I care about the most

Thank you Thailand x



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