December 9

Why I’m a coach not a trainer…

When I first started out in the PT game, I was all about shouting from the rooftops whenever any of my clients had some sort of success

And don’t get me wrong

I still do

But in a much more controlled way

Partly because I know now that some people actually don’t like being the centre of attention

They ask me for help, to make some form of change to their lives

But the reason they do it is for them, not for anyone else

And their results are private to them

I have been on quite a journey over the last few years of this PT game

When I first started

I was all about the training

“get in the gym, work hard and you will get results, end of”…

then I was all about the nutrition

“eat these foods and stick to your macros and you cant go wrong”

I was your typical Gym Rat / PT

professional male school sports coach giving thumb up

then I was all about the hormones

cortisol this and insulin that

leptin, ghrelin blah blah blah

“control your hormones and you control your weight loss”

but none of them were really getting the long term and sustainable results that I was hoping for

of course my clients made some amazing progress and were very happy with what they had achieved

but I knew that there was always something more out there

that was when I started to learn about coaching and the power of the mind when it comes to transforming your body

now don’t get me wrong

everything I mentioned earlier has a VERY important part to play

There is still an expectation from me that you need to do the right sort of training, eat the right diet for you and balance out your hormones too.

But these are all still pieces of the puzzle

And without being able to arrange them properly you will still find it hard to see the big picture

But, without the right mindset

You will struggle to complete the puzzle

That is where coaching becomes so important

Because lets face it

The entire population of the world (that’s around 8 billion people) all know that to lose weight

(in very basic terms)

You need to eat less crap and move more

I know that things aren’t always that simple

But 99% of the world’s overweight population could solve their problems by re-addressing the balance of that equation


Eat less and move more

Most of us can identify the foods and drinks that we should avoid or eat less of if we want to lose weight

But not all of us are doing this?

Even some of us (myself included at times) have been given diet plans that are designed specifically for them

Yet we still don’t follow them

Why is that?

And the answers are always all in the mind

So you see, you can continue to believe that you just need a new diet plan

Or that as soon as you change your training routine, your results are going to explode


I would invite you to look a little deeper inside yourself

Do you absolutely know that to be true?

Are you being 100% honest with yourself?

Or are you hiding from something else?

It might be comfort eating caused by stress

Excessive alcohol drinking to “numb” the pain of another depressing day

There are literally hundreds of REAL reasons why people don’t make the progress they really want to

And most of the time

The diet plan and the training have nothing to do with it

If you want some help to help overcome your true struggles

If you want the courage to finally make the changes you have been dreaming about for a long time

If you feel that you need clarity, focus, strategy and control

Then click the link below

Tell us a little bit about your struggles and we can help map out a route to success for you


Chris x

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