October 5

Do you HATE your diet?

Do you HATE your diet? You’re doing it wrong.

I don’t think I have ever talked to someone over the age of 20 that hasn’t tried and failed a diet at some point.

Maybe I’m hanging around with the wrong crowd, I don’t know. But it is a cycle so well known that only a few of you will have snorted at that first comment.

1) We decide we want to make a change
2) We start a new diet
3) We maybe see some success to start off with
4) But then the cons start to outweigh the pros, you get hungry, or sick of boring food, or simply forget why you started
5) You give up
6) The weight starts to creep back

Before you know it, you’re back at 1 ready to start all over again.

Now before we get started, a couple of things:

First up, when I say diet I’m referring to any change to what you are normally eating. It doesn’t have to be named after someone for it to be a diet.

The second thing is that, sadly, you are going to have to be a little uncomfortable. You can’t just eat everything you want and expect to lose weight. It’s a tough road but we can make it easier.

So here it is.

This framework was introduced by Alan Aragon this year. He is one of the top nutritionists in the world and he recognises the need for you to have a life.

It works like this:

Hit your 80%’s first, and work the rest out from there. This should serve as a backbone for what you do and you can alter the specifics of your diet and exercise as you go!


Step 1 – Lifestyle

10% of the your effort should be focused on diet

10% of your effort should be focused on exercise

The rest of the 80% of your time should be spent having a fucking life.

Diet and weight loss isn’t everything, and no matter how important it is to you; if it gets in the way of your day to day life or makes it miserable, then you will not keep it up. So enjoy yourself and have a life, just be sure to make time for eating right and fit some exercise in.

Too many people overlook this part and concentrate on their diet, or increasing the amount of exercise they do, but if you hate what you’re doing, the motivation will leave you and the diet WILL fail.

Step 2 – Diet

So, you’re living your life, having fun, time to start shedding some weight. There are so many different approaches you can take to losing weight, but if you stick to this basic framework then you know you will always be heading in the right direction:

80% of the time you should aim to eat minimally processed food

10% of the time you can eat semi junk food like chicken nuggets, diet coke etc.

10% of the time just eat what you want

Again, a completely restrictive diet will make you resent it first, and then give up completely.

No food is inherently bad, and you can eat your junk food and treats, just try to make them that: treats. Look to eat minimally processed foods for the majority of your meals and allow yourself a treat here and there. No feeling guilty for eating, no avoiding meals out with your friends.

Just recognise that it is going to be a 10% moment, and you can rectify it tomorrow… or over the course of the next week if it’s a REALLY good meal.

By Primal Coach George Studd

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