July 24

Reopening Safely

Reopening Safely

On Saturday 25th July we’ll be reopening Primal.

I am extremely confident the measures we’ve put in place will 

a) ensure that the facility is COVID secure 


​b) allow you to have a great Primal experience.

I’ll go out on a limb and say we’re probably the most well prepared gym in Newcastle

The entire team has put a huge amount of time, effort and careful thought into preparing every aspect of returning to action post-lockdown.

I’m proud of the work that’s been done and we’re really looking forward to welcoming you all back to our corner of the city.

Over the coming weeks we’ll continue to review how we operate and make the appropriate changes so we can maintain a safe environment whilst delivering the best service possible.

Before you attend your first session back please read through the rest of this post and be prepared to adhere to the guidelines at all times.

These guidelines are based on government advice and are for the safety of all members and the Primal Fitness team, they must be followed.

See you soon




  • All sessions MUST be booked in advance – we’re required to maintain records of who’s been in the building at all times so if you haven’t booked you will not be able to train, there will be no exceptions. 
  • No Shows – if you cannot make a session that you’ve booked in for you MUST cancel your booking on the system to make room for someone else.


  • COVID Symptoms – if you or anyone in your household has COVID symptoms or have been contacted by NHS Track and Trace and told to isolate then please, follow the government guidelines and stay at home.
  • Queuing Safely – at least 5 minutes before your session is due to start please queue outside of the gym and follow the socially distanced markings toward the door of Unit 1.
  • Entering the Gym – please wait for a Primal coach to unlock the door and invite you into the gym, then follow their guidance as they direct you to your training zone.
  • For MELT Team Training – please queue outside main reception door
  • For Small Group PT – please queue outside the door at the bottom of the stairs
  • Hand Sanitisation – please sanitise your hands using either the sanitising gel provided on entry or your own personal supply.
  • Face Masks are Optional – masks are not compulsory in the building but if you wish to wear one, feel free to do so.
  • No Late Arrivals – there will be no admittance for late arrivals  as this will disrupt the session and compromise the COVID secure measures we have in place, so please be on time – if you know you’re going to be late please cancel and rebook for a later time slot.
  • Personal Belongings – please limit these items to the absolute essentials, all personal belongings will need to be stored in your training zone so where possible, avoid bringing large bags and coats with you.
  • Socially Distanced Training Zones – once in the gym you must stay in your socially distanced training zone unless otherwise directed by a coach or using the toilet.
  • Your Session – we’ll guide you step-by-step through the session as normal, the coaches will demonstrate each block before moving around the room to coach from the appropriate distance.
  • Keeping Your Distance – when moving around the gym for any reason please maintain your distance from other members.
  • Cleaning Your Equipment – when directed by a coach, please wipe down your equipment using the sanitising wipes provided and place these in the bin as you leave.
  • Exiting the Gym – when the session is complete the coaches will direct you out of the gym via the roller shutters, please adhere to social distancing as you make your way out.
  • One Way Entry / Exit System

    Enter downstairs gym via the main reception door and leave via the roller shutter door


  • Equipment – all equipment has been distributed evenly between the training zones, everything you need to complete your session is provided.
  • Training Zones – all training zones are distanced in accordance with government guidelines and each zone is exactly the same size regardless of which unit it’s in.
  • Water Bottles – please bring enough water for your entire session in your own water bottle, the water coolers will not be in use.
  • Toilets – the toilets are available for use during sessions, there is sanitiser provided in each.
  • Track and Trace – if we’re notified that anyone at Primal has tested positive for COVID all members who have attended the same session as that person will be notified directly, via email.
  • Cleaning – all equipment will be wiped down after use at the end of each session and the gym will be thoroughly sanitised twice a day.
  • Children – unfortunately, due to the current restrictions we are unable to have to have children accompany you to the gym whilst you train – only those who are booked in will be able to access the facility. 

Following Guidance – to make everything run smoothly and safely whilst being an enjoyable experience, please listen to the guidance of the team at all times.

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