July 15

How the Wolf of Wall Street can help you lose weight

So I have developed a bit of an obsession with Jordan Belfort,

(the real life character played by Leonardo di Caprio whose story was told in the film Wolf of Wall Street)

I love the movie, in fact I have watched the movie about 10 times now


But that’s not the main reason

It’s also not the unbelievable stories of his excessive drug taking, crashing his sports cars or sinking multi million pound yachts or the fact his stag do bill came to $2million dollars for the weekend either

And its also not how he had such a life of excess and how he built up his company on Wall street through massively unethical and illegal methods which ended him up in jail, losing everything

Although they are all amazing stories



I am fascinated by how Belfort has rebuilt his life since then, for those who don’t know, he is now a very successful motivation and sales speaker


He travels around the world holding 3 to 5 day seminars teaching people how to become better at sales and more motivated in their businesses. A ticket to one of his events starts at £3,000 and he fills out conference rooms with 100 plus people at a time, so he must be doing something right!


But what the film doesn’t tell you is that he tried to kill himself after he left prison because he couldn’t come to terms with how his life had changed after he was left with nothing. I was watching an interview with him on youtube last night and the interviewer was asking him attempting to end his own life and also how he recovered from that

And what he said was amazingly profound and I wanted to share it with you

He said

“You should treat the past as simply a collection of experiences to make you more prepared for the future. Don’t dwell of failure but use it as a positive experience”


You see Belfort could have easily just given up after he left prison, he had been a multi millionaire, with an unbelievably excessive lifestyle and was left with nothing. But he has rebuilt his life into a legitimate successful business owner now


>>> So why is this relevant for me? <<<

Well, what Belfort said about looking at the past can be transferred across to many different aspects of your life

It is very relevant when it comes to losing weight

Too many people get so hung up on their previous failures to lose weight that they never even try again


How many people do you know who have tried a diet, it hasn’t worked out for whatever reason and they give up?

when what they could have done is this…

ask themselves why that diet did not work

Was it the right diet for me?

Did I follow it exactly as I was meant to?

Did something else get in the way and de-rail my attempt?


These are all questions that you could ask after a failed attempt to lose weight

And if you are honest with yourself, you will get some really valuable insights as to why you failed but more importantly

What you need to do next time to be successful


So just like the Wolf of Wall Street

Use the past experience to make you more prepared for the future

And I guarantee you will make some huge breakthroughs




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