July 25

I am a weekend binge eater

No that is not a cheap trick to grab your attention!


I always used to joke that there was a fat kid inside me trying to get out, but I do have a real tendency to binge eat especially when it comes to the weekends and it is something I am becoming more aware of as I get older.


How often have you said that

“I’m fine during the week

but it’s the weekends when I come unstuck”?


I hear this every day

This is one of the most common things people say to me when we are talking about their diet and how they need my help to lose weight

When you think about it though, its kinda crazy, if you are off work at the weekend

You have more time (in theory) to

  • Shop for your food
  • Prepare your food
  • And enjoy eating your food


And you are not rushing around as much as during the week. But don’t get it twisted though my friend, I am all for having some form of reefed day or a cheat meal at the weekend, if that is the right plan for you



Why do we…

And I include myself in this category…

Tend to fall down when it comes to the weekend?


I have come to the conclusion that there are 2 main reasons:

1 – Lack of structure or a routine, weekdays are more likely to have a routine, you arrive at work at a regular time, you eat your lunch at a regular time, you get home at a regular time and so on

At the weekend, there is less routine, less structure and more potential to go off track

So it is important to have some sort of plan when it comes to the weekend of course it can be flexible after all, what is a weekend if we cant relax and have some fun?

But how often has one bad meal or a night out on a Friday night turned into a whole weekend of eating and drinking things you shouldn’t be?


Then it comes to Monday morning

You feel tired, bloated and guilty over what you have eaten over the weekend!


2 – Needing to unwind after a stressful week

I think mentally you need a break from the stresses of the weekdays, I know some people who work 7 days a week, but they are machines and most of the people I know like to treat the weekend as a total break from normal weeks, they try not to think about work and enjoy the times off with their family and friends and rightly so in my opinion

Unfortunately for some though this unwind can go a bit too far and the lack of structure again creates a problem

They need to find the right balance to help them with their weight loss


So how can we solve this problem?

Here are my top pieces of advice to avoid weekend bingeing

1 – Exercise at weekend

earn your cheat meal with an intense workout, at least this way your body will be primed to handle the extra calories more effectively

2 – Eat regularly

Keep your blood sugar levels constant to avoid any crashes that will make you crave sweet, sugary foods, Protein and healthy fats are good for regulating blood sugar levels

3 – If you are going out, adjust your macros

If you are going out for a meal, then adjust your macronutrients for that day accordingly. Make sure you account for the larger meal you might be having by having smaller portions of your meals earlier in the day

4 – Avoid too much temptation

I know, easier said than done at the weekend, but if you are meeting a group of friends, why not try suggesting you meat for a meal instead of an all night drinking session. If you have a group of friend like mine this last one might be tough but if you explain to your friends that you are trying to stick to a plan to lose some weight they are more likely to support you


The most important point of all though my amigo


Make sure you have some fun!


After all, why do we work all week if we can’t relax and enjoy ourselves at the weekend


Chris “chilled“ Grieveson





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