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What happened to Jeff…


My man Jeff had a problem before he came to see me

Life was passing him by and he was stuck in a rut spending days away from home on the road
Eating junk food from service stations and in the hotels he was staying in with work
Then at the weekends he was spending time with his 3 kids and would take them to McDonalds for a treat
You see family is very important to Jeff, so he works super hard through the week
So that he can provide for his wife and kids and give them everything they need
The problem was for him, he was working so hard it was starting to affect his health
He was putting on weight, feeling tired and lethargic and relying on sugar and caffeine to get him through the long days on the road
His weight was creeping up and his clothes were getting a lot tighter in all the wrong places
In short
He was running himself and his health into the ground
He came to see me just after Christmas and we made some changes to his diet, introduced a new training program that he could fit around his work, his weeks on the road and the time he has at home
3 months later, he is over 7lbs lighter
which may not seem huge
but he has lost over 6% bodyfat
which is pretty epic considering he spends most of his weeks in hotels and motorway service stations
before Christmas Jeff had a big problem regarding his health
Now the only problem Jeff has is buying new trousers that fit him because his old ones are too baggy
Which one would you prefer?
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