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Nasty Ex Client

Sometimes I don’t know why I bother!
I got an email a few days ago from someone who had unsubscribed from my email list
“Please stop sending me emails about your clients and how you feel, I’m no longer
interested in what you have to say”
Normally I would just say “fair enough”, but here is the thing, he was an ex client of mine and I actually trained him for free for 6 weeks when I opened my gym
Yes – that was around 24 sessions – absolutely gratis!
He was part of a group I trained when the gym first opened and I was fine tuning my rapid fat loss programs
He lost a crazy amount of weight and made a real change to his lifestyle
Made some killer progress
But when the 6 weeks was up, he wasn’t able to invest in a further program
with me
>>> Which I totally understand btw <<<
I get it that people have other commitments, especially when you have a family and a busy
job but after he left I still wanted to help him out so I gave him training plans and a diet plan to
Did he follow it?
Because he didn’t value the information I had given him. Because there was no commitment on his side
because he had not made an investment. He was also only accountable to himself
Which did not work
So he very quickly ended up back where he was when he started and feeling all of the emotions he felt last year when he started with me
The whole thing is a shame, because he is a good guy and a family man
Who needed my help, but he wasn’t ready to take action back then
And I can only presume that he is in the same position now as he was nearly a year ago
Now he has taken himself off my email list, which says to me, he doesn’t want, daily useable and relevant content
To help improve his health
His fitness
And help him to lose weight
And that he is happy to stay in the position he is in
I know you guys are different though, you are reading these blogs because you want
to change
You are action takers
Not excuse makers
And I know you will apply the content I provide and in turn you will make progress and get results
Don’t be “that guy” or “that girl” who moves from diet to diet
Moving across different training programs
But never really applying any of the information you are given and never really getting the results you
Because otherwise you will spend your life going round in circles, making efforts to change to never really getting anywhere

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