November 13

Why am I not making progress?

One of the most common things we hear is, “why am I not losing weight? I eat well all week’.


This is a question that has many variables, however, once we start to dissect these variables, we begin to understand why.




Calories are the most important factor in weight loss. Being in the correct energy balance based on your goal will determine whether or not you will lose weight.

Energy balance is a simple equation.

  • Positive energy balance or calorie surplus (when your energy input is greater than your energy output) or eat more calories than you burn = weight gain
  • Negative energy balance or calorie deficit (when your energy input is less than your energy output) or eat less calories than you burn = weight loss

This is one of the main factors in why many people don’t see the results that they want or need.




Overconsumption is a very easy thing to do, when you do not track your calories, you can quite easily over consume.


A stress free and easy way to track calories is on our personalised nutrition system


Many people may eat well each day, but they fail to calculate the little things that they overlook, such as:

  • Liquid calories (Alcohol, fizzy drinks, juice, coffee)
  • Chocolate and sweets
  • Cooking oils (Sunflower oil, coconut oil etc)


These seemingly minor bits throughout the day may seem insignificant, but a small chocolate bar or over use of cooking oil in meals may just be the 200cal extra to put you over your calorie deficit!


The biggest and most common factor of slow or non existent results despite a fantastic and frequent workout routine, is the weekend! Yes, believe it or not, the weekend can be a huge detriment to your results if you do not be conscious of your intake, let me explain how…


Lets just say that your recommended calorie intake is 1800 calories per day (daily budget) and this is determined by putting in a 200 calorie deficit.


This equates to a weekly total deficit of 1400 calories (weekly budget) if you stick to this, you WILL lose weight!


The big misconception here is that people think that because they have eaten well all week or mostly monday-friday that they deserve a blow out, so saturday comes and they go wild, eat pizza, drink beer and them some! You will quite easily eat your entire weekly deficit of 1400 calories in 1 pizza.




With the above in mind, we all need to enjoy the finer things in life, after all, we work hard! Have a few drinks or eating out on the weekend, but be conscious of your intake. If you know you have a night of divulging in alcohol and food, BUDGET! eat a little less on thursday, sunday or friday, this leaves room for more fun.


Here is an example of how budgeting calories and staying consistent, just like Paula did, can get you some serious progress!

(3 stone weight loss and down 3 dress sizes)




In conclusion to the above, flexible dieting is the most sustainable way to get results, the MOST important factor in weight loss is calories, therefore the quality of the food can take more of a back seat and we can focus more on hitting our calorie target with more of the food we enjoy.


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