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Why we love MyZone

MYZONE has taken the fitness world by storm with its innovative wearable heart rate technology that monitors your physical activity.


It easily and conveniently monitors your heart rate, calories and time exercising that converts into MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), this puts a larger focus on rewarding users effort rather than fitness.
The MYZONE heart rate monitor is said to be 99.4% accurate, this makes it one of the most accurate monitors on the market, so if you’re interested in tracking your workouts for motivation and drive, this is for you.
MYZONE’s main focus is on the effort of the individual, this is clearly displayed by a metric that measures your physical activity within 5 coloured zones.
Each zone corresponds to a % of heart rate, time spent in each heart rate zone will reward you with MEPs (MYZONE Effort Points)
Below is a list of the heart rate zones and their MEP value:
  • GREY          50-59% = 1 MEP/min
  • BLUE           60-69% = 2 MEP/min
  • GREEN        70-79% = 3 MEP/min
  • YELLOW      80-89% = 4 MEP/min
  • RED              90-100% = 4 MEP/min
Time spent within these zones allows you to track your own workout intensity and push yourself to your limits so that you improve your fitness level each and every session.
Your fitness level will improve and with this your MYZONE will periodically recalibrate to coincide with
your improvements, this means as your fitness level improves, you must work harder to get yourself in the yellow and red zones!
When you first get a MYZONE it will take a little bit of time to get to know you, therefore, you may well be in the red zone a lot more frequently initially, but as you progress and work hard, it will begin to calibrate accordingly.
Pushing yourself to work harder each time it recalibrates is a fantastic way to continue to improve your fitness level.
Alongside gaining MEPs, you will be burning lots of calories, this is the aim of the game, work hard, burn calories.
With the calibration in mind, it is worth pointing out that some people begin to use their MYZONE outside of the gym and participate in more aerobic style exercise.
The only detrimental aspect of this is that gym workouts tend to be more anaerobic
and are filled with more short intense bursts of physical activity, such as weight lifting and HIIT classes.
When MYZONE is first introduced to you and used within the gym environment, it calibrates and bases your fitness level on the type of workouts at hand:
For example, Frequent long distance running will recalibrate your MYZONE and change your fitness level to that of someone who can sustain high levels of effort over long periods of time or stay in the yellow and red zones for long periods of time.
It is much easier to sustain a long steady pace run for 45-60 minutes, but it is near impossible to sustain prowler sprints or deadlifts for 45 minutes continuously.
In conclusion to the above, if you prioritise your MYZONE outside of the gym more often than inside, you may struggle to gain MEPs or calories within the gym due to the varying styles of physical activity.
It has been said that if an individual arrives to the gym without their MYZONE, they feel as though their workout is pointless and wasted, THIS IS NOT TRUE, granted you may not gain the MEPs but your body knows you’ve worked hard and burns calories regardless.
Dan came to us with a very low fitness level, never participated in intense physically activity and really struggled to complete multiple workouts without feeling nauseas.
MYZONE helped Dan monitor their heart rate and rest times accordingly,
2 months in and he has massively increased their fitness level and confidence.
Dan works incredibly hard to ensure he gains as many MEPs as possible each workout and completes every single session with 600+ calories burned.
Dan’s MYZONE will appropriately increase their fitness level to provide continued progression in the gym.
In most cases for normal hard working people, 3-4 days in the gym is more than enough to see muscle growth, strength gains and fat loss.
You grow when you rest, 3-4 days a week allows for your muscles, joints and nervous system to recover, it is sustainable and often times prevents burn out and boredom.
On the flip side, those who work out 6-7 days a week tend to burn out, get bored or injure themselves. there isn’t really enough time to recover and you end up coasting through 2-3 of the 6 sessions.
More days working out does NOT always mean more results, it can mean burn out and fatigue. IT MUST BE SUSTAINABLE FOR LONG TERM RESULTS!
MYZONE is an amazing tool that can keep you motivated and eager to push yourself into the more intense heart rate zones, this will in turn assist you in improving your fitness and ensure your burning a good amount of calories per session based on your training goals.
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