July 15

Anyone for Haggis?

I was in Scotland this weekend for a course

Learnt a load of cool stuff from Martin Rooney

The guy is a legend

and I was offered some Uber-Scottish food

Haggis for breakfast

(I declined)

But I was told a cool story that I had not heard before

About one of the most famous Scots, Robert the Bruce

I only know him as the dude at the end of the

Braveheart movie

But he is a big deal in Scotland apparently


The story goes that during the wars against

the English

He ended up in hiding in a cave

And he saw this spider

Who kept trying to spin a web in the cave

But kept failing

The spider kept trying and trying to spin

this web

But eventually managed to after days of


And old Robby coined the phrase

“If you don’t succeed, try and try again”

and this made me think of a load of the

people who are failing at losing weight

they try a new diet for like 2 weeks

don’t see the progress they wanted to

then jump onto another diet

that doesn’t work

or even worse just give up

make excuses

and tell themselves

I cant lose weight, I must be different, I

give up

sure you should see some changes in the short

term when you start a new diet

but I would ask you to consider this…

would you rather have quick results in the

short term that don’t last and leave you in a

worse position that before you started?


would you rather see slower, but more

sustainable and long term results?

I know you are all saying the latter

But you would be surprised how many people

don’t see it that way

They move from quick fix to quick fix without

ever achieving any decent progress

The key to achieving any level of success is


Doing the right things for most (but not all)

of the time

Lets take losing weight as an example

If you follow a diet for 3 days a week and

eat what you want for the other 4 then

chances are that you wont make any decent


But if you are consistent for 6-7 days a

week, then you will get there, I guarantee it

This is the same for your business, your

education and your relationships

If you are not consistent

And who ends up feeling the pain?

You do…

You feel

Frustrated –> at starting another diet that

wont work

Confused –> at why your diet hasn’t worked

Angry –> that you are not making progress

Guilty –> that you have let yourself down

How do I know?

Because I have been there many times myself….

I understand your fears and frustrations

because for many years I felt them too

Now I can help people in your position

Because I know how it feels to be in that


I can help you too

All it takes is a phone call

Book an exploration call with me this week

it is really that simple

Cant wait to talk to you

Chris “Braveheart” Grieveson


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